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We help you gauge and implement blockchain technology for your business, providing direct consultation, figuring out revenue generating options. The use cases for blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies are numerous: this technology is used for identity verification, logistics, insurance, banking, enterprise management, government control etc.

We believe every single blockchain journey when it comes to consulting must be tailored differently for every client since they are different industries. But a streamlined process has to be the common theme relating to cryptocurrency or blockchain services. While blockchain has different use cases that cut across various industries, the underlying ethos in blockchain ecosystem remain the same. We strive to educate your professionals on the fundamental uniqueness of blockchain applications and how different stakeholders can integrate them into various models.

Open source blockchain networks are strict solutions for data security whether you’re using Solidity or Remix. We offer blockchain as a service without tying you to a system since its open source technology. We try to provide a clear blockchain strategy with real-world cases and to improve your understanding in cryptocurrency technologies. And while many understand the essence of blockchain or how to buy cryptocurrency, determining how to get started may present a remarkable challenge.

Companies exploring into cryptocurrency & blockchain technologies

Cryptocurrency Early Stage Education
From a general overview of Blockchain to developing a smart contract
Digital Currency Risk Assessment Recommendations
Your assessments should be flawless, we help you fix its weaknesses
Rulings Regarding Digital Currency
Laws, rulings and methods are constantly changing in the new landscape
Staking, Pairing Cryptocurrency Rewards Conception
Staking, pairing is earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies
Blockchain Commercialization Education
Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology topics from education to standards
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Education
Fintech without relying on intermediaries like brokerages, exchanges, or banks

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Hashrate Capital provides its cryptocurrency-focused consultancy and strategy services across the ever-evolving a wide spectrum of different blockchain industries in the commercial banking, consumer packaged goods, fintech, restaurants, retail, small business, telecom, media and travel & entertainment.