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Crypto is complex. We’re here to simplify.

We provide strategizes and planning in the digital cryptocurrency ecosystem to provide our clients with everything they need to unlock the exciting new opportunities that digital currencies have to offer. We are ready to offer crypto consulting and collaborate with you as you embark on your digital currency journey – opening a world of possibilities for businesses, governments and consumers.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting

We help you gauge and implement blockchain technology for your business, providing direct consultation, figuring out revenue generating options. The use cases for blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies are numerous: this technology is used for identity verification, logistics, insurance, banking, enterprise management, government control etc.

Cryptocurrency Development Solutions

Whether you want to build solutions for cryptocurrency token and create an infrastructure for a whitepaper ecosystem (business plan), or develop self-executing smart contracts related to tokens, NFT’s or other functionality, we will put our experience with blockchain technology skills into action. We generally work with both startups and enterprises take advantage of the decentralized network built on blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy Solutions

Due to our wide range of expertise in marketing we can be considered a full-service blockchain and cryptocurrency advertising sector including blockchain creative, design, brand strategy, and production (digital, broadcast, print and experiential). We curating for blockchain technologies the ranges are DeFi promotions, Whitepaper creation, IEO exchanges, website creation, Crypto influencers, CoinGecko Listing, CoinMarketCap Listing, Airdrop promotions, Discord, DexTools Ads, Uniswap Listings, Pancakeswap Listings, and lastly Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Mining Solutions

We have put ASIC, GPU miners together ourselves, bought miners to mine BTC, ETH, ETC, XMR, ZEC or DASH and many more, we made mistakes (thats how gain experience), built workspaces of mining material and had them built. Now we also have access to green electricity such as solar and opportunities. By learning from the basic principles, along with trial and error, we can share our experience with you so that you omit mistakes and get off to a flying start with your own crypto mining farm.

Companies exploring into cryptocurrency & blockchain technologies

Cryptocurrency Early Stage Education
From a general overview of Blockchain to developing a smart contract
Digital Currency Risk Assessment Recommendations
Your assessments should be flawless, we help you fix its weaknesses
Laws, Rulings & Standards Digital Currency
Laws, rulings and methods are constantly changing in the new landscape
NFT Strategy Business Development
For NFT’s lets implement smart contracts to manage your collection
Central Bank Digital Currency Planning (CBDC)
Digital payment option (CBDC) for households & businesses as the payments system
Cryptocurrency Token Creation (ERC or BSC)
Through token creation, implement your special use case on smart contracts
Go-To-Market Cryptocurrency Marketing
Cryptocurrency branding, advertising, website and digital platform design
Blockchain Commercialization Education
Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology topics from education to standards
Bitcoin Mining Operations Planning
Learning the basic principles, along with trial & error, we can share our experience on mining
Ethereum Mining Strategic Planning
Building your GPU mining servers, platforms to understand cost and ROI
Staking, Pairing Cryptocurrency Rewards Conception
Staking, pairing is earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Education
Fintech without relying on intermediaries like brokerages, exchanges, or banks
Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Cryptocurrency
Unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture
Smart Contract Development (ERC-20 or BEP-20)
Implement smart contracts to manage your blockchain or cryptocurrency
Supply Chain Management Blockchain
Digitize physical assets & create a decentralized immutable record of all transactions

I mean blockchain is real if we use it for certain things. Parts of DeFi [decentralized finance] are real. Currencies have rules of law behind them, central banks and tax authorities. I call them crypto-tokens, not currencies. – JPMorgan Chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon


Cryptocurrency Strategies. From long-only to long-short, across various planning styles and asset classes, we have a range of strategies to suit your digital currency needs.

Our group provide a diverse range of strategies across digital approaches, styles, and go-to-market planning. Check out our Insights